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Get started with Space IoT

Tuesday, May 26

Kinéis' nanosatellite


Tuesday may 26, 4.30 to 5.30 PM (Paris time (GMT+2))

Find out how to begin in Space IoT with Kinéis.

A chipset integrator gives its feedback.


Alexandre Tisserant, President

What's up with Kinéis

Rémi Ferrier, Chief Product Officer

Kinéis' Products

Clément Tricot, Field Application Manager

Step by step integration

Alexandre Tisserant
Rémi Ferrier
Clément Tricot

Alastair davies, DIRECTOR

Arribada Initiative

Arribada has built devices and an open-source development kit based on Kinéis' chipset for environmental applications.

Discover his latest project!

Alasdair Davies

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